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"Taking The Collection World By Storm..."




We offer our clients an option of two plans that is best suited for their situation.





There are no upfront fees.  If we don't collect - you don't pay.

There is no debt too old or too small for us to collect.



·       Accounts under 1 year of charge-off date                     35%

·       Accounts over 1 year of charge-off date                       50%

·       All 2nd placements                                                          50%





Nobody knows your customers better than you.   Some will pay as soon as they are aware that the account has been turn over to a collection agency.  Our Early Demand Service is best suited for situations like this - Past results show that early demands from a collection agency can recover substantially more money when the account is 30-90 days old. Act Quickly - Early intervention by a third-party during this phase of the collection process is a low cost and effective way of recovering your money.     


·       You pay only $10.00 for each account placed.


      ·      An Administration Fee of  $30.00 is charged to the debtor upon collection 


·       The price includes - 4 DEMAND LETTERS


·        Report to Credit Bureaus


·       No Direct Calls to Debtor


·       Upon receipt - all monies forwarded to you.





·       The flat rate plan works best with accounts that are under 30-90 days delinquent.   It allows you to identify and collect the easy to pay accounts without having to pay a higher fee. 


·       The plan requires- no direct collection calls made to the customer.


·       One demand letter sent every 10 days with the collection language of each letter getting progressively stronger.


·       Soft Approach- verbal contact only when the customer initiates the call.


·       You may switch at anytime to the Contingency Fee Based Plan that provides direct verbal contact.